I’ve not always been this tall. No, not at all. It has often amazed me too when people look at me more than once and, without being able to help themselves, blurt out their thoughts in the words of “Oh, you’re so tall,” or as I’ve heard from so many familiar people who have indeed seen me a countless number of times, “Oh K, you were not this tall the last time I saw you!” Now, that is sometimes either annoying or intriguing, depending on my mood when I hear it, but my response to them has always been the same within rumbles of laughter: “Oh, nevermind,” I say, “It’s because of these new shoes I’m wearing.” But it has always been a little more than intriguing, not about the fact that I’m growing taller – I am not. I’ve stopped growing since over seven years ago, I believe – but because I was not always this tall. In actual fact, I was quite a smallish person in my secondary school. Those who went to the school with me will gladly corroborate this fact, and this common argument within us friends that I would never be able to drive a car because I won’t be able to see the road ahead of me. Needless to say, most of them are now almost just half as tall as I am. History is on my side. Hurrah for gravity! 🙂

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