Here’s to folks in (according to number of hits) San Bernadino, Monterey, Los Angeles, Antioch, Mountain View, Davies, San Francisco, San Jose, Goleta, Hesperia, Brentwood, San Marcos, Alameda, Milpitas, Thousand Oaks, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Marina Del Rey, Downey, Beaumont, Emeryville, and Lynwood in the state of California. Hi to you 🙂

I don’t have to say that if I leave the United States without showing up in that state, I would feel incomplete indeed. I heard it’s hot there in the southern part of the state. How true is that? Do you have winters? What about snow? What are the beaches like? Is it true that you have nude beaches? Are everyone allowed in there? Are those allowed in there allowed to wear dark shades (to protect their eyes from the sun, of course)? How often do you run into Hollywood stars when you walk down the street? How often do you see movie cameras around? Can you go out one day without seeing a movie being shot? Is the state all it’s touted to be, the most liberal place in the country?

Well, my regards to Governor Schwartzenegger, the actor with a long name and a big chest, and to you as well for being there. It’s not like you can help that anyway 😉

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