For everyone who voted for my images, THANK YOU! Here is what the photos look like in a 16×20 frame that will now rest on the walls of my apartment. I’m also going to make postcards out of them to send to a few interested folks. Thank you again.

Q: Would I consider selling any of these framed artworks if anyone made a good financial offer?

A: Yes, I would. I definitely would. Definitely.

So if you are interested in buying the artworks, or you know someone who wants to…

Or you just want to contribute something to support this blog while getting something back for it…

Or you want a piece of KTravula through his photographic arts, which are good gift items for keepsake, even if I say so myself…

Make me an offer, and let me consider it.

It also comes with a photo postcard and a special KTravula autograph.

***End of KTravuladvertisement***

What I wish I could do really, looking at the artwork today in my room, is to auction them to both and others for the relief efforts in Haiti but I am afraid that I don’t have the energy and time it would require to make the needed noise. I made a contribution yesterday through the Unicef Website, but I wish I could do more. I hear that the rescue efforts have finally stopped after about twelve gruesome days of looking through the rubble for bodies. Nevertheless, if I get to sell any of these soon, 50% of the profits made from selling them will go to Unicef Website from It may not be much, but it will help put food one some children’s table for more than one day. Meanwhile, you can still go to the Unicef Website to make your donations. Save a life today.

50% will go to the victims of the recent crisis and restlessness in the Nigerian city of Jos where religious and ethnic unrest has raised its ugly head again. I spent one year in that now not-so-peaceful state in the Nigerian midbelt for my National Youth Service in 2005/2006. So what are you waiting for? Make your bid here. Make me an offer, and have a KTravula keepsake. Going, going…!

More information is here.

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