I was bored on Thursday – don’t say “as usual” – so I took to counting the bunch of coins that have now begun to be a nuisance to my table. Yes, I love coins, and I’d love to keep some as souvenirs, but I have over the past months acquired so many of them that I have begun to worry that if I don’t stop paying for stuff in cash, I may soon run out of places to keep them. So I decided to spend them all, but not before counting to find out just how much I have in cash. Yes, I know, rich people don’t count their money.

I’ve now sorted the dimes, quarters, pennies, five cents and dollar coins, with the following results:

Dollars coins = 6 pieces

Quarters = 6 pieces

Dimes = 51 pieces

Nickels = 19 pieces

Pennies = 88 pieces


6 dollars       =$6.00

6 quarters    =$1.50

51 dimes       =$5.10

19 nickels=$0.95

88 pennies   =$0.88

So therefore, my total coin balance is… 5+8= 13… that’s a 3 ($0.03). We carry 1 over to the other side. 1+5+1+9+8=24. We leave 4 and carry the other 2 over to the other side. ($0.43) Hmm. 2+6+1+5=14. That’s right. I have $14.43 lying idly on my table. I’m rich, it seems. But not for long, my friends… The next time I go shopping, all the dimes, pennies and five cents are going to go. Enough is enough. I’ve never done this much math in my adult life :D.


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