Since I have held you in suspense long enough, let me tell you what it was all about.

I had looked at my blog stats earlier in the day to discover that we had already almost a thousand comments, so I had this little idea of giving back to my commenters. It was also a way of marking that interesting landmark of 1000 comments. Well, technically, the comments are not all from you readers. Some of them are from me as well, responding to you. Therefore technically, we’re still not up to a thousand reader comments. About nine hundred would be more like it. But, we have reached and passed a thousand comments on this blog that started in August in Lagos Nigeria so I thank everyone, from Aloofar who left the first comment, and “Meee” who left the 1000th. I would kiss you both, but one of you is a guy and the other is anonymous. Sorry folks. Maybe next time 😀

It was interesting though, that Ms “Mee” also had one of the most interesting questions I received on that post. All she asked was “Will you marry me?” What can I say? It’s a woman’s world, and I lead an interesting life. 🙂 For readers interested in the development of that question, I’ll let you know how that goes. Ask me again in five years 😉 So, to reward these wonderful readers and commenters, including those of you who were the 1001st, 1002nd, 1003rd etc and are interested, I am going to go out and print a series of postcards made from my photos taken all around Illinois, and branded They’re going to be nice, and I will post them to you wherever you live around the world, as soon as you send me your postal address. Send it to “Mee” also gets a branded bag from my department or a t-shirt only if she lives in the United States. If not, she gets postcards. It’s funny though that she was leaving a comment for the very first time. Interesting.

Thank you everyone who sent me questions. If you have any more questions that you haven’t asked, you’re still allowed to send them, and you may get souvenir postcards too. I’m printing out quite a number.

On severas apres, then folks! I’m feeling cold, and this dinner of freezing lemonade and schogetten milk cream chocolate with vanilla sliced loaf cake is not helping at all. 😀

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