in all their 10 megapixels glory.

In lieu of promises of things I would do in the new year (which had, by this morning, included dropping the abbreviation LOL from my 2010 vocabulary, getting a better camera, making more savings, kicking my Papa John’s pizza eating habit, and drawing up new itineraries of new places to visit in the US), I now present my new year resolutions, which are in fact however resolutions from 2009, courtesy of my Canon Powershot SD 1200 IS camera. Some of the photos I’ve shared here before. Some not. For those interested in my photography, let’s catch up on Facebook. But note that I will not confirm friendship with people without profile pictures themselves, except we have known mutual friends. Sorry. :D.

With these, my 2009 is done at last. I may not have been the best Fulbright FLTA this year, but I sure had the most fun.


(Move mouse over the photos to see their descriptions. Thank you for readership)

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