IMG_3021The game is on! The good thing is, I’m loving it. It started with this email that I got a few weeks ago informing me of a very intriguing holiday game in my department. It took me a while to respond to the email because I had so many other things to do, but I eventually did. Now I have a very intriguing secret friend following me about and leaving me clues, strange messages, and gifts in unexpected places. You may have to read this email to know what the game is about.

IMG_3103On Monday, I received the first notification that I now have a strange Amigo Secreto following me, and strangely, I got the message through this blog. Ah-ha, someone must have told them that I have a blog, and he/she must now know a lot, or at least a little about me and what I like. In any case, I rushed to the department immediately after seeing the message left on this post, and found that not only was there a mysterious gift waiting for me by my strange friend, there were tonnes of letters that had piled up there since August, since I never knew of the existence of any mailbox at the department tied to my name. I picked up the random gift – an organizer with my name on it, signed in print by the secret friend – and headed home where I discovered the name of the person in the department for whom I’m also supposed to be a secret friend. Oh yeah, it gets interesting. I’m not allowed to disclose their name here either, just in case they‘re reading.

IMG_3070But it was a pleasant surprise again today to discover just another gift – this time a photo frame that says “For your Memories of the US of A” and signed by “Secret Friend”. This time I’m really impressed because, once again, I wasn’t expecting anything. I had just finished putting up my own surprise plan into action for my unknowing subject, hoping that they‘ll soon discover a mysterious gift on their office table sometime soon, also signed by “A Secret Friend”, which is me. I can’t tell you the gift and clue that I left for my subject’s attention, again just in case they stumble on this blog entry. The surprise didn’t end there. It was checking into my office just before class this afternoon that sealed everything and sent me to surprise heaven. Right on my door was Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30, one of my favourite poems, printed on a white sheet on top of which was “For Kola” and signed “From Secret Friend and William Shakespeare.”

I’m full of suspense. My amigo secreto definitely knows how to surprise, and I am indeed intrigued. All I can do now to pay back is to make my own subject even more mystified by my own silent stalking and stealthy surprising. Today was just one surprise for them. I intend to do more before the end of the week. I like it. I like it. I like this idea.

*Note, I’ve used them/they in this post to hide the gender of my subject, only for their own enjoyment of this seasonal mystery game, just in case they wander onto this page in a fit of wonder, boredom or both.

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