You may want to read Ten Reasons To Be Thankful for 2009 here first before you continue.

10. That idiot who tried to blow up the plane is from Nigeria.

9. The healthcare system in Nigeria is still in a comatose mode. The president is unhealthy and can’t be treated within the country. There is no sadder reminder of the state of our healthcare.

8. Climate change is not waiting on the signatures of the world leaders. It is a grim reality.

7. The swine flu infected and killed so many people this year. And we’re still in December. It can always get a lot colder.

6. I did not get to write as much as I wanted. And read as much as I wanted.

5. We do not yet know how much nuclear weapons are in the world at the moment, or in whose hands they are. So, it is safe (no pun intended) to say that we’re not totally free yet.

4. I lost my Grandmother.

3. I didn’t have enough time or funds to go around as I wanted to.

2. I didn’t see the Avatar (yet), Old Dogs and Sherlock Holmes.

1. On the other hand, we’re now closer to 2012!

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