IMG_1747IMG_1761IMG_1725IMG_1727IMG_1733IMG_1750IMG_1749IMG_1752IMG_1728IMG_1738IMG_1746IMG_1793IMG_1758Today, after a spell of indecision and procrastination, I finally got the spray paint and headed to the Wall to make it mine. It didn’t take too long, and it wasn’t too hard. And in the end, I didn’t get any more creative than I already got before. As none of the readers of the last post gave me sufficient ideas, and I never successfully resolved my language conflict, I ended up writing it in German, in the shortest possible way as allowed by the thinning white paint.

A few other words already sprayed on the wall include: “Palestine,” “JFK war hier,” “We love our troops: Bring them home,” “Love”, “Chelsea”, “Revolution”, “SPEAC”, and a moving, notable one: “Wir sind ein folk”, which means in English, “We are one people.”

And thus today, the Berlin Wall, also became mine. But at the end, I wished that there was something else less vain than “ktravula war hier” that I could have written there. Maybe simply,  #lightupnigeria, or “Jolaadé”. Oh well, that’s an idea for another day. Time to pack my bags. Chicago calls.

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