The movie “The Blind Side” which I saw today moved me in a way no other movie had done in a while. Was it the storyline? Yes. But it was also the incredible acting by Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron who played a working Tennessee mom and a homeless African American orphan who whose life was suddenly changed by a chance encounter. It is a serious true-life movie that looks at race, sports, social responsibility, discrimination, poverty, loyalty, love and trust in a way that shows the similarity in human condition and human compassion across boundaries, but it was portrayed with a very good dose of humour and good acting that makes it a delight. The actor who stole the show was actually the little boy Jae Head who played a 9-year old child of the family.


I would give it five stars if only for the humour. There was a really funny part of the movie where Leigh Anne Tuohy (played by Sandra Bullock) receives a voice message on her phone from a distant relative who had just received her Christmas card and was staring at it as he spoke: “Leigh, I know I’ve had about five beers but I’ll let you have this anyway: Do you know that there’s a big coloured kid standing behind you in the Christmas card?” The joke is funnier in the context, so I’d recommend the movie for everyone. I could have sworn that more than five people around me had tears in their faces many times during the movie, and you have to see it for yourself to understand. I’ve just come off Wikipedia where the movie was cited as the “feel-good movie of the year”, also deserving of an Oscar, especially for Sandra Bullock.

So I didn’t shed any tears in the end. I just had a very good time, mostly laughing.

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