IMG_1863IMG_1864IMG_1857IMG_1860IMG_1868IMG_1896IMG_1920IMG_2102IMG_2107IMG_2098IMG_2118IMG_2130IMG_2125IMG_2159IMG_2169IMG_2077IMG_2081IMG_2101IMG_2085IMG_2113IMG_2093IMG_2121Since I spent much of my time in Chicago last week either taking pictures or admiring the landscape and its contrasting colours, it is only fitting that I make a third, and maybe final post on what I saw while I was there. On the first night alone, I had already taken a few hundred photos of everything beautiful from road signs, shop signs, name tags to sign posts and street names. By the end of the weekend, there were already too many to choose from. Anyway, here are some of the rest, featuring the Willis Tower, a toy model of the city, the Navy Pier, Artworks on teh wall at Starbucks, the Fisher Building, the Buckingham fountain, the city at night, and a statue of President Lincoln at Grant Park. I hope you like them.

These are mainly of buldings, wall art, sculptures and sceneries. The next post about my Chicago trip will likely focus on Hostelling International, the 5-star hostel facility that hosted us to a kind of luxury for so much less.

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