A while ago, I published the 100th post on this blog, and it felt somewhat remarkable. If anyone had told me that I’d be making this many posts every week I might have doubted them, but that doubt would have come only from the inability to conceive a place where there is uninterrupted electricity and internet access. And for the reason of these indulgences, I had made it a point to always find something new to talk about even when I’m cold, sick, stressed, broken, lonely or just feeling plain lethargic. And sometimes, like right now, I would start the first word without the foggiest idea about what I want to blog about, but end up with something a little meaningful.

IMG_0222I have stopped counting my days in the United States. The calendar is there to do that. I just make a mental note of the hours as they pass by. By my calculations, I have spent over two months here and it already feels like forever. But I don’t feel the pressure to keep feeling nostalgic, so I believe that I have finally entered the cruise mode – that time of the journey where everything seems suspiciously smooth and fine. The problem is, I don’t like it. I want some action and new challenges. I do not want to get used to the idea that I’m in America, and therefore all is well with the world. This is what pushes me out every morning, and alas, this is what causes me all the great stress episodes that keep my muscles aching and my butt in bed for longer hours than necessary.

And so, you would notice that once in a while, this blog gets a make-over. I have settled my mind about the design so that won’t change. But the colours would, mostly to reflect my mood. I am now in the autumn cum Halloween mood, thus the cool green. As per theme, for now it will remain the Nigerian Ghoul in the American forest, perhaps until the mischievous naming muse returns. Did anyone notice a new page on the right hand column, titled “favourites“? In there is a list of some of my favourite blogs, links and pages, as they came to me. And for the new comers to this blog, it also contains a few of the blogposts that got the most views. Yesterday attracted the highest visitor hits since the history of this blog, to my little surprise. It must be because of that Pumpkin post. The last time we had that many visitors, I had written a report of my first class experience, then later a poem to respond to a certain loneliness. I just hope that my occasional musings at least get my readers smiling, or sometimes thinking. This is my 113rd post, dedicated to you, the regular, silent readers. I do hope you’re having as much nice a time as I am, wherever you are. If you are, say “aye”!

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