ktravula attempts to answer a few questions from America that he’s been asked more than once.


Q: How did you learn to speak English (so well)?

A: English is (one of) Nigeria’s national language(s). It was brought by the British along with colonialism and Christianity, and we’ve all been speaking it since (before) the 19th Century. It has developed a particularly Nigerian character over time, and the word flashing in Nigeria (among others words that have changed meaning) doesn’t refer to when a man/woman opens his/her clothes very fast to reveal a naked body or their genitals underneath in an effort to shock or be rude. Refer to this article.


Q: Were you very traumatised as a kid because of the war and military dictatorships in Nigeria when you were growing up? Do you have nightmares?

A: No. It’s funny that I wasn’t traumatised, but I do remember being very afraid of people in military uniforms while I was growing up. The war ended at least a decade before I was born so I didn’t know much about that either. It was bad at some point, but it wasn’t as horrible as it was broadcast in the West. I definitely do not have nightmares. Not about soldiers anyway.


Q: Do/Did you have a girlfriend back home?

A: Yes.


Q: What do you like most about the US?

A: People give you your space. Individuality is very much respected, as well as community, whenever it’s called for.


Q: Is this your first time in the US?

A: Yes.


Q:What has been your most notable observation about the US?

A: The abundance of ironies, the expanse of land, and the ubiquity of signs.


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