Kola, Duck and Mafoya

The Duck Loved Us

My pleasant weekend ended with another pleasant re-connection with a presumed lost history. I have found new pictures from my trip to Six Flags, St. Louis in my co-traveller Mafoya’s camera. Since I already lost my own camera, I could only be pleased that at least some memory of that event remains. Looking through Reham’s camera during the week, I also found a few ones she had taken of me all the way from Providence. Hmm, this is surely one weekend of memories.

Mafoya, Kola, Audrey, Duck, Mary, Reham, and two other African students

Mafoya the Beninoise, Kola the Travula, Audrey the French, Six Flags Duck, Mary the American, Reham the Egyptian, and two other African students from Kenya and Zimbabwe


On our way into the Batman rides


See ya...!

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