I am just realizing after lots of thinking that I still haven’t fully adjusted to this time zone. And it sucks. It’s not only the fact that I feel drowsy all afternoon everyday (by which time it is like 10pm back home), it is also because of this summer time daylight which keeps the late evenings (8pm) still looking like 6pm in Ibadan. I don’t like this. I feel like I have been cheated of time and I have less time than I wish to enjoy the day. What shall I do?

I sleep, I wake up. I take long walks and longer rides. I sweat, I perspire, and I am back again feeling drowsy after a short while. And combined with this cold weather, it is never long until I sneak back to bed with my duvet over my legs and my laptop on my laps. At least that warms me up a little. Then maybe I have tea, or coffee. Or juice, or milk. And I watch some television shows. Then I’m back again with itchy typewriter fingers, and I can’t do anything else but write a new blog post. If this were a disease, there should be a medication for it in America, right?

When I call home, they say “Good evening” when I’m saying “Good morning.” I look at my watch and it says 11.30am. Men, this is serious. When my cousin calls me from California, he often would have to say Good morning when it is already afternoon here. And we both reside at the moment in the same country. It’s no wonder that this country is sometimes seen as a continent in itself. And right now as I lie here typing at 4.25pm, there are places on the globe where it is just today’s morning. Try Hawaii and the Samoa Islands where it is just still noon. In Nigeria, as my friend on this other chat window says, it’s just about time to sleep.

The wonder of the time zone is amazing, but when I think about it, I see a mostly logical rather than mere scientific occurence. The prospects of the world sleeping and waking up at exact same time every day would be scary if not unnerving. In any case, if that happened, we’d have all gone extinct a long time ago.

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